Herb for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men

These herbs are used to treat impotence in men have shown a significant effect of these herbs to treat erectile dysfunction, especially in men:




1 - chamomile flowers:

Used in the treatment of ED where strengthens sexually if you drink in the form of tea.
Herb is placed in a glass jar by a teaspoon of flowers accompanied with a little Sugar chamomile drunk taste and can be dispensed from the addition of sugar and then pour them a collective Boiling water and then left to soak five minutes, then drink hot or warm as desirability At the rate of 1-2 cups a day  

2 - Paddock Green:

Strengthens the nationality, and activates the nerves and increases The size of the sperm in males. (Fenugreek increase Beh). The ring containing the Oil consists of the most important alkaline materials (Altrgionlen) and (Alklaunayn) and all oils Tonic and stimulant for the body.
How to use:

Soak the seeds in cold water after purification and cleaned at the rate of two tablespoons Each small cup of cold water, and for a period of 3 hours then placed on the fire Boil for one minute. This is taken from the boiling 2-3 cups a day, preferably Sweetened with honey instead of sugar . 

3 - chickpeas

Chickpea of popular foods famous has eaten these pills either green or freshly cooked or boiled or roasted.
  Increases sexual potency.
How to use: in the middle of dealing with food and not at the beginning or at the end, at the rate of one a handful of Homs during the day   

4 - ginger or ginger

  Cup (ginger - Ginger) posted on hot sexual encounter after half an hour Of eating. × plant rhizomes are used in many prescriptions as containing Colloidal materials and starchy addition to (ginger oil) and described this Alrizumat As repellent gases in cases of bloating (flatulence), and useful in cases of indigestion Digestion.
How to use: add half a tablespoon of powdered roots (roots and rhizomes Ginger) to a spoonful of honey pure and mixing the well, then add a cup of water Hot to this mixture, and drink from the mix as needed. Has mentioned God Almighty (Gingerbread) in the Holy Quran and praised him when he said: (and watered by the glass Mood was Zenjbala) .. Almighty God

5 - star anise:

Anise Anise engine irritant Beh Beh and star anise drink healthily recommended for use instead of tea harmful to health.
How to use: Soak powder (anise seeds) in hot water for a degree Boiling rate of a teaspoon of the powder

Per cup of water, covered for 10 Minutes and leaves until warm, then strain and drink from 1 - 1.5 cups per day Only. [The remark user syrup (aniseed) that exceeded the daily rate Which I mentioned here a 1.5 cups only, bypassed may lead to calm the nerves, which Reduces the ability of sexual abusers Anise men

6 - Raisins:

Strengthens the nationality, but warns on patients with diabetes.
How to use: raisins good is a relatively small-sized yellow color Light and old it is dark crusty (Nashef), and the latter does not fit Basically Kmqoy sexy but can be used in other applications (It is a very ) And sweets

7 - Lettuce:

  Eating plants (lettuce) strengthens the condition of sexually eating (Meanness) fruit one day and for a long and continuous, which contains vitamin "e "Special fertilization .
How to use: Due to this high status, I did not want to mention (lettuce ), A component of green power, which is always recommended, it is worth more than that Eaten by implication, but it must be eaten as a fruit stand-alone .

8 - artichokes or artichoke

To provoke lust for women, which may sometimes feel a lack of desire to meet her husband. × contains large amounts of vitamin (a), (b), and metal salts such as phosphorus And manganese, and this strengthens the heart and activates Badmgthm workers and their nerves, and the (inulin), a starchy material benefit who are making an effort intramuscularly, such as laborers And athletes. × contains a substance (Sanarin) Yellow-generating and useful in diseases Liver, and it is time Bslgah disappear in the water.
× necks and eat leafy inflorescences or artichoke extract may be useful in easing Rheumatic pain, and inflammation of kidney and urinary retention, and helps the liver On the speed of secretion Asarth and dump the contents of the intestine, and also help in the speed Remove or melt the material (cholesterol), fatty liver and blood vessels Different countries, which eases damage atherosclerotic disease or recovery. As Used to reduce high blood pressure and work to lower it, and used in the treatment of Diarrhea and cleanse the stomach and intestines with strengthening the body in general and the heart in particular. 
 How to use: Eating Khrashwfah one day, whether cooked or fruit are good and influential For that we are dealing with the subject. The same treatment also reinforced for men And effective if taken in the same manner  

9 - berries:

Berry is known as the fruit of a famous folk in affordable price. Berries nutritional value and great impact to the memory of hormones that can be taken in cases of sexual impotence for men to increase sexual arousal.

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