treatment of lung cancer

 Lung Cancer:

A Lung cancer, the leading cause of death that you get as a result of cancer, whether between men or between women. And sign a number of lung cancer victims annually, far greater than  colon cancer , prostate cancer , cancer of the lymph nodes and breast cancer together.

However, you can prevent most deaths from lung cancer, because smoking is responsible for nearly 90 per cent of all cases of lung cancer. And the proportion of lung cancer risk increases exponentially depending on the year and the number of cigarettes smoked.

To quit smoking , even after smoking for many years and many, can reduce the risk of lung cancer, significantly. It can reduce the risk of lung cancer by avoiding exposure to other factors that cause lung cancer, such as exposure to asbestos (Asbestos), radon and secondhand smoke.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Symptoms of lung cancer does not appear in the early stages in most cases. And often show symptoms of lung cancer only when the disease has reached an advanced stage already.

The symptoms of lung cancer include the following:

    Newbie cough, appears and disappears
    Changes in the existing chronic cough or cough smokers
    Cough accompanied by bloody Mucus, even if it was a little too
    Shortness of breath
    Pain in the chest
    Whistling when breathing

Treatment of lung cancer

Decide tumors specialist (Oncologist), in consultation with the patient, the method and system of the treatment of lung cancer, depending on several factors, such as the general health status of the patient, the type and degree of cancer, taking into account the patient's personal choices.

Treatment options include, in general, treated one or more of: surgical treatment, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or drug treatment center.


In surgery the surgeon removes the fabric area where there are cancerous tumor, in addition to the margins of the healthy tissue surrounding it.

Surgery to remove lung cancer include:

    Amputated (cut) in the form of a wedge in order to take out the part that contains the cancerous tissue, along with a margin of healthy tissue surrounding the
    Amputated (cut) pulmonary lobe (Lobectomy) to remove the entire lobe of the lung
    Pneumonectomy (Pneumonectomy) to remove the entire lung

If you made such an operation, the surgeon also removes lymph nodes in the chest area, to check if they are also carries within tissue containing cancerous cells. And if it has already been found on the cancerous tissue, it is usually a sign that the cancer has spread and spread, even if it has yet to show any signs outside the chest.

    Chemical treatment (chemotherapy - Chemotherapy)
    Radiation therapy (radiotherapy - Radiotherapy)
    Intensive drug treatment

Intensive treatments are novel therapeutic methods work by focusing on pre-defined deviations get in cancer cells.

Drug treatment center options for lung cancer include:

Prevention of lung cancer

There is no foolproof method and confirmed for the prevention of lung cancer, but it can reduce the risk of developing lung cancer if it is Take the following measures:

    Avoid smoking
    Quit Smoking
    Avoid passive smoking
    Tests to detect the presence of radon gas in the vicinity of the house
    Avoid exposure to carcinogens at work
    Maintain a diet rich in vegetables and fruits
    Keep drinking alcohol in moderation, or avoided altogether

Alternative Therapies

The patient may resort lung cancer, or they may try to go, toward alternative medicine or complementary medicine , in search of a cure heal Ail lung cancer. There is a lot of websites on the internet that draws attention and claims that "the drug was found in clinics located in distant lands," and the types of secret recipes offer hope when the patient feels that the number of options available, or offered, for the treatment of a few and limited.

But one must be aware that alternative treatments for lung cancer is not supported by medical studies, and there is no evidence that these treatments are effective and efficient. Moreover, in most cases, do not know the side effects of these treatments, absolutely.

And alternative therapy for lung cancer can be costly and requires travel to distant places. Therefore, it is recommended to consider carefully and reflect on therapeutic options prior to their adoption.

Instead of abandoning traditional treatments accepted fully, there is a logical possibility is the integration of complementary and alternative therapies with traditional, conservative treatment recommended by your doctor.

Should be sought with the physician in any alternative and complementary therapies can help to relieve symptoms experienced by the patient. The doctor examines the benefits and risks of complementary or alternative medicine.

Having examined the American College of Chest Physicians alternative treatment options and a variety of complementary therapies proposed and found that there are a number of treatments that can be helpful for patients with lung cancer.

Among these treatments:

    Acupuncture (Acupuncture)
    Meditation (Meditation)

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