What happens to the fetus when a pregnant use of Perfume

A lot of pregnant women users of perfume during pregnancy they do not know the danger to the fetus , where
Researchers said that a pregnant woman who used her baby perfume be more susceptible to infertility .

The researchers , who are from the University of Edinburgh , believed that exposure to chemicals used in cosmetics during the period from 8 to 12 weeks of pregnancy may affect later sperm production .
During the tests conducted by the research team has been blocking the action of Androgens , which include testosterone , The study found that blocking the action of this hormone lead to fertility problems .
Some chemicals that negate the work of Androgens exist widely in cosmetics and plastics .
Said Professor Richard Sharpe, head of the research team that conducted the study , said that these chemicals may also cause injury to male fetuses in later life diseases such as prostate cancer .
He added that the women who plans to carry them avoid putting cosmetics on their skin because they absorb in their bodies and then to the embryos .

He directed his speech to the women , saying , " If you want to become pregnant, you have to change your lifestyle , in some types of perfume compounds at concentrations high have a negative impact and avoided in the interest of your child ."
For her part , said a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Trade and Investment and reform measures " that all cosmetic products are subject to testing primary objective of the government is the security of people and check that the current regulations

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