Liver cancer, and I hope a great recovery

Liver Cancer

 Liver disease appear surreptitiously to the human body without having a noticeable symptoms in the beginning, has exacerbated these diseases and take a tragic path is the liver cancer that often leads to death. But if the liver cancer was detected early and was cured in a timely manner , it can be cured in many cases .Definition 

Tumors in the liver are usually of two types:

1 . Benign tumors such as liver parenchyma (Hemangioma)2 . Malignancy and also divided into two types:
- The first is the primary tumors arising in the liver ( liver cancer ) , which starts any formation in the liver and then spread outside the
- Secondary tumors , or the so-called Aydasrtan liver cells is the most common type of liver cancer prevalent is responsible for 90 per cent of cases of primary liver tumors malignant in adults , and are often the result of the evolution of the condition is not good because the symptoms do not usually appear only in the late stages of it . Liver cancer is the third leading causes of death due to cancer in the world , which is the sixth most common types of cancers . Although the overall percentage for the emergence of a number of cases and deaths are decreasing in the United States , but it is growing in the rest of the world. The current ratio of up to stay for a period of up to 5 years for the types of liver cancer, non- eradication : 8.6 % Europe 0.11 % in America and 10% in Asia .
Srtanihthanuyat liver injuries which tumors that arise elsewhere in the body and reach the liver, either by blood or lymph vessels .
Symptoms of liver cancer :
Weight loss ( for no apparent reason and without trying to lose weight ) , loss of appetite constant feeling of fullness after eaters simple , the presence of a solid mass in the right side of the abdomen bottom of the ribs , the pain about the greatness of the scapula right , the advent of color greenish yellow on the skin and eyes ( jaundice yellow) , a sense of discomfort on the right side of the abdomen , nausea, unusual fatigue .Risk Factors- Chronic inflammation of the liver as a result of infection with « b » and / or « C » with the presence of cirrhosis of the liver .- Fibrosis ( which means the destruction of the natural composition of the liver and then re- DO in the form of nodal clusters , due to fibrosis caused by many conditions , such as chronic alcoholism ) .- Obesity ( such as the deposition of fat in the liver and hepatitis Allakhola Allakhola resulting from fat ) .- Diabetes- The length of time of exposure to natural toxins ( such as that produced by many types of fungi that may be found in nuts, groundnuts and other types of oilseeds )- Smoking tobacco- The length of the period of use of anabolic steroids . In some places of the world where there is water contaminated with arsenic
Treatment Options
Treatment options for liver cancer depend on the stage of the disease , and liver function , and general condition of the patient. The surgery is the only hope for the treatment of patients with cancer of the liver cells . If the cancer is detected at an early stage and the rest of the intact liver , surgery can ( with a liver transplant or without him ) to become definitive . However, the proportion of cases potentially eradicate only 15% . There are four types of conventional treatments used in the treatment of liver cancer are: surgery, radiation therapy , cancer treatment drugs , and ethanol injection through the skin .
Types of surgery include the following :Cryosurgery or cryotherapy and it uses a special instrument to freeze and destroy the cancer cells .Remove a portion of the liver : where is the eradication of the infected part of cancer in the liver eradicate all of the liver and liver transplant a new sound from a donor eradication by sound frequencies and which is used as a probe by the electrode to target cancer cells and kill radiotherapy using X-ray high-energy , or any other types of radiation . Include the following:External radiation : The device is given by the area under the direction of radiation to cancer cells.Internal radiation : it is directing radiation to the place of cancer by injection or catheter.Using antibodies loaded with radioactive : and it is loaded antibodies that target cancer cells and then injected radioactive material in the body.Chemotherapy or local public and can be given by mouth or by injection .A chemical injection directly into a vein supplying the tumor to cause a clot chemicals , are injected at the same time Cilth other material inside the artery supplying the liver tumor in the area .Injection of ethanol directly into the tumor to kill cancer cells by using a fine needle .New research shows the efficiency of targeted therapy in patients with cancer of the liver cells . Has finally been approval of the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of cancer by the liver cells , taken by mouth , and discouraged many of Elkinizzat , and is the only one that showed a clear improvement in the survival

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