The full program of proper diet

Full program of diet and healthy

To choose the right diet program is not an easy issue , because there are many kinds of ways to lose weight and every day we go out a new diet and does it . However, there are some basic things to remember when you choose one of the ways to lose weight .Everywhere, all the time highlights the theme of diet and obesity . Everyone is interested in this subject , regardless of gender, age or weight . However, the resistance Alkthrehaol overweight for several years , and a variety of different ways , meditating that this is the last diet .But whenever we tried more , we realize that this is not a simple task. Has conducted several studies on the question of what is the best diet program or a way to lose weight , diet or a diet of carbohydrates and other proteins . In fact, there is no clear answer , and it seems that he is not all that fits the other person fits .




This is an issue settled any diet program and weight loss is necessary to achieve a balance of negative calories , no burn more energy than we consume . The question is how to do it and more importantly, how to continue for a long period of time?The importance of the size of a meal :One way to reduce the amount of calories is reduced or reducing the size of meals . Over the years, there is an increase in the size of meals at fast food restaurants networks , products in supermarkets and even dishes has become the largest . Studies show that the more the large size of the meal, we eat more . Recommended merging with reduced meal program of weight reduction . Reducing the size of meals leads to a decrease in calorie consumption and therefore to reduce weight .

 Alternative for meals :

Choosing healthy foods in the modern era has become a very difficult task , especially for those who want to lose weight. Environment currently offers a variety of foods rich in calories , fat , sugars and poor in nutrients vital .Possible strategy to counter the proliferation of processed foods is the use of alternatives to meals that contain the amount of calories and healthy eating occasion . Several studies have shown that compared the diets and nutritional programs, diet -calorie identical biggest drop in weight because of the alternatives meals, compared with only reduced calories .People who find it difficult to reduce the amount and selection of food , they recommend using alternatives to meals as part of a weight reduction program . Replace one meal a day or two alternatives meals are a way to achieve a diet program to reduce weight and keep it. 

The importance of breakfast :

Although most of us know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day , where the break fasting the night and return the body to a fully functioning , many of us are not keen on the breakfast regularly , due to time constraints and the fear of excess calories .Studies show over the years that there is a relationship between miss breakfast and obesity. Any that eating breakfast helps maintain proper weight , especially after weight reduction . Careful to eat a breakfast rich in dietary fiber can improve the balance of blood sugar and prevent falling sugar levels between meals . When eating breakfast be less hungry during the day .
The amount of protein in a diet program task : Several studies show a link between the amount of protein and a feeling of fullness throughout the day. A recent study published in the Journal of Obesity, examined the influence of protein-rich meals on the levels of hunger , satiety and hormonal reactions in men exposed to overweight and obesity . The results of this study showed that the presence of a higher amount of protein in the diet contributes to the feeling of satiety throughout the day. Recommended consumption of proteins from sources such as low-fat dairy products , eggs , soy , lean meat and the like. 

Dietary fiber :

Dietary fiber is a complex carbohydrate does not degrade almost in the digestive tract . They are considered low in calories but have an important role in the feeling of satiety , the regularity of the work of the digestive system , balance blood sugar levels , reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and so on. Divided into two dietary fiber , soluble fiber and insoluble .Soluble fiber : soluble in the digestive system and impede the emptying of the stomach. And thus contribute to a feeling of fullness for a long time , slow down the transmission of sugar into the blood and contribute to the balance of blood sugar levels . In addition , they contribute to the reduction of cholesterol levels in the blood.Fiber is soluble : These fibers do not dissolve in the digestive tract , but it absorbs water and " swell ." And thus contribute to a feeling of fullness for a long period of time, help in proper and regular performance of the digestive system and can even contribute to the reduction of the risk of colon cancer .

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