Tips to feel better every day

What are the most important steps to follow if you want to feel good from morning to night ?David Raquel , MD , spends his days helping people to find out. He was director of the integrative medicine program at the University of Wisconsin and , with the feeling of a good way that the body , mind and work at the level of the peak , and you have a general sense of well - being .

To feel good day after day , he suggests these tips :

Access to sunlight during the day.Sunlight stimulates the chemical serotonin in the brain that play a role in helping you feel happy .While you're outdoors in the sun , and use the time to practice for an extra boost , says Raquel . Research has found that physical activity can work about as well as drugs for the treatment of moderate depression , and it may work better than medication to prevent depression from returning . It can also help your anxiety.Setting yourself up for a good sleep.In the evening, as the sky grows darker , your brain makes a hormone called melatonin . This will help you get sleepy . Some of your choices during the day and evening affect melatonin levels , which in turn could play a role in how you sleep. Raquel suggests that you:Make sure you get that daily exercise in the sun, it also helps to sleep at night. In part, because " melatonin is related to how much serotonin you have ," says Raquel .Refused thermostat . You make melatonin when the body cooler , so you're likely to sleep better if you were not very warm.Turn off the lights . If your bedroom is not totally dark, you will not make much as melatonin . 
Eat " feel-good " foodsWay that nourish the body and mind makes a big difference in whether you feel strong or weak, concentrated or dizzy. Keep these tips in mind :Focus on the " whole foods Multicolored which was recently alive , " he says . This means fresh vegetables , fruits , legumes , and whole grains instead of refined foods or manufactured.Make room for the Crusades vegetables , which include broccoli , cauliflower , cabbage , kale . "These vegetables contain chemicals that support the immune system and helps to remove toxins from the body . They Super Foods For a good feeling ," he says .Avoid foods that make blood sugar rise, such as sweetened soft drinks and sugary baked goods . Your body will respond with a rush of insulin , which makes your blood sugar crash . These highs and lows are not good for your health, and your focus, or your energy level .


Continue to focus on the present moment." If we can learn to recognize the mess that our mind is in and learn to be more aware of the present moment , which can be a tremendous asset to our general sense of well - being ," says Raquel . In the " chaos " that can make you feel bad includes regret about the past and worry that bad things may happen to you .A practice called mind can help you reduce clutter by keeping your focus on the present moment. To be more aware , in an attempt to :Take in the colors , sounds, and smells that surround you in no time .Pay attention to your breath moving in and out of your body for a few moments .Let the ideas flow from your mind worrying when it floats on the surface, instead of giving them attention and wading .

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