Weight loss and reduce abdominal fat in seven steps

Madam .. Some tips to ease the food and weight
Insulin stimulates the body to store glucose as fat is used as it prevents the use of stored fatAffects a source of energy and this increase in waist circumference and increased accumulation of fat in the abdomen.Here are some tips to reduce insulin and loss of fat in the abdominal area :1 - teaspoon of cinnamon improves insulin balance in 20 days : eat the equivalent of a teaspoon of cinnamon a day is enough to improve insulin response and reduce the level of sugar in the blood by 20%. The study found that cinnamon reduces the level of sugar in the blood and fat and low- fat density in patients suffering from diabetes type 2 after ingestion of 1-6 grams per day for 40 days .

 2 - cranberry juice reduces insulin by 22%: Take a daily dose of bio-active content of berries increases insulin sensitivity and may reduce the risk of diabetes for people who have a high likelihood of injury.
Researchers found in a previous study that eating people is infected with diabetes and obesity and insulin resistance also cranberry juice daily for 6 weeks, insulin resistance changed by 22% compared with 4.9% change for the comparison group in the study.
3 - take 4,000 units of vitamin D improves the balance of insulin within 6 months: study showed that women who take 4,000 units of vitamin D 3 per day appeared to have an improvement in insulin resistance after 6 months. The level of vitamin D in the blood of women who appeared to have improved more than 119 nmol / L, while the researchers showed that the optimum value for vitamin D in the blood to offset the insulin resistance and carbohydrate is 125 nmol / l.
4 - tablespoons of nuts improves the balance of insulin by 30%: study showed that women who are dealing with nuts frequently have a link Reverse a high risk of diabetes type II and the decline in risk of 30% for the following ate nuts 5 times or more a week and were more likely to decline 20% for the following ate nuts 1 to 4 times a week.
5 - Ihst of zinc daily balance of insulin in 8 days: zinc enters in more than 200 enzyme in the body where an experiment on mice showed that taking zinc daily for 8 days showed peripheral resistance to insulin. And the daily dose of zinc of 15 mg to 25 mg.
6 - increased activity improves the balance of insulin in the 3 days: that sit for 3 days working on landing the mood and feeling of laziness in addition to its effect on insulin sensitivity. Where a study showed that people who dropped their movement from 12.956 to 4319 steps a day I may step insulin sensitivity by 30% and a decrease in response to glucose and this leads to increase daily activity Aaladafah to conduct exercises strong for 30 minutes 3 times a week.
7 - eating cherry pie improves the balance of insulin in 90 days: Listing cherry pies, researchers have significant health benefits to animals, including reduction of abdominal fat. In the experiment mice were given cherry pies with high-fat meal did not increase their weight or the amount of fat they have compared Baliran are not covered cherries. It also emerged from the blood samples that he has a few molecules, which refers to the inflammation which has been linked to heart disease and diabetes as the cherry reduced the levels of total lipids and 
   triglycerides in the blood.

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