A tour of the ancient city of Petra in Jordan, one of the Seven Wonders

Petra or rose-red city is the city of the Nabataeans is considered one of the Seven Wonders

  It is the most precious treasures of Jordan is the most beautiful tourist sites in Jordan, dating back to the sixth century BC, the city fascinates the beholder her Tzhrh beauty is amazing and the way they built them, has carved Nabataean Arabs rock and made them an important strategic position linking the Arabian Peninsula in the south and the Levant in North down to Europe and China through the silk trade and spices. And on the summit of Mount high bumpy difficult to reach on foot Mount Aaron is located and which strikethrough shrine built by the Mamluk Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad in honor of Aaron, brother of Moses the prophet peace be upon them. And on the outskirts of the Siq, which leads to no city of Petra and Wadi Musa, Petra and on the doors of local residents set up small stalls selling handicrafts and heritage Kalfajar ornaments and colored bottles.
  The ancient city of Petra, after the Romans left and went to Constantinople by the Crusaders and their income wreaked havoc which came to be Swiss traveler Johann Burkhard, a discovered in 1812 AD.


Is the incision of the rock with a height of more than 85 meters from the rocks and colorful polymorphic reach a length of 1 km Emcah tourist walk, and you can hire a horse or a camel or horse-drawn carriage, where cars are not allowed to use


Upon the arrival of tourists to the end of the Siq appears in front of him stock in the very magnificence and beauty that view Khazna, a masterpiece of stunning a height of 42 meters and its width 30 meters carved in the rock topped Khazna which are designed in the first century AD to one of the kings of the Nabataeans to be the grave of him and archaeological sites bear witness to the greatness and creativity, and is a safe city gate after which you will discover the beauty of the place and what it where you'll find there are tombs carved rock and decorated with inscriptions pink, theater and amphitheater, which was built on the Roman model and expands to about 3 thousand people, temples, streets paved and columns



Situated high on a high sculpted into the rock and engraved it forms a wonderful art can be reached via stairs and drawers up to about 800 degrees to enjoy the stunning scenery then from the very top
There are museums: the Museum of the first and second Petra Archaeological Museum and the second is the Nabatean Petra, and cut and contain models relics have been discovered through research and exploration..

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