My personal experience in the ED and the method of treatment

Today I write to you my personal experience with the problem of erectile dysfunction,


I began to feel that there is no sexual desire I have, until I got to the event was the lack of erection of the penis permanently
A month later, he became almost my whole body is tired and I can not stand on my feet, so I decided to go to a specialist doctor mystical, the doctor asked me some tests
After seeing the doctor as a result of the tests said to me: You need a doctor who specializes in endocrinology, so I went to the doctor specialist endocrine,
  And I explained to him the problem and did not tell him that I have a weakness for sexy, I went to the doctor for the problem of exhaustion and fatigue only, was the first question asked me is:
Do you suffer from ED, I told him yes, he said to me Is the proportion of ED have high or low and I told him high, he asked me to do another test,
After seeing the results of the examination the doctor said to me: the salvation of your problem, God willing Solved wrote me treatment and said to me: You will feel better after five days.
And actually, four days after I felt that I have a very high sexual desire too, and I felt my whole body actively in
Thankfully I am now in good health.
Remained to tell you what the problem is, I've had my problem is damage to the pituitary gland,
  Pituitary gland controls the six hormones in the human body, sex hormone, one of these hormones.
So I advise all who suffer from ED to introduce himself to a doctor who specializes in endocrinology
Best wishes to you with a healthy

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