foods cause damage to fertility and intimacy

There are foods and food that we eat constantly without knowing the severity of the damage caused by marital life, and especially intimacy, so you should avoid it:

- Fast Food Food and saturated fats and vegetable oils harmful, leading to low testosterone in men, and reduces the ability to produce sperm. - Corn flakes (cornflakes), although its taste delicious, but they have a negative effect on sexual desire, not Tkdmiha in a romantic bed and breakfast for your husband, it's Annsahk.
- Mint syrup has many health benefits for the digestive system, and to maintain calm and the body's immunity, but it goes (Mounthol), which eliminates the libido. - A refreshing cup of coffee in the morning, and you will begin to help you on your day with vigor and vitality, but excessive drinking it causes stress and excessive movement, which negatively affects during intimacy.
- Soft drinks, which is rich in sugar and harmful substances Tardkma for many of the most important health problems of obesity and tooth decay, and lead to decreased libido and apathy in intimacy. - Artificial sweeteners, which contain a substance (aspartame) destroys the hormone serotonin, which is responsible for controlling mood and libido.

- Also avoid eating these foods before intimacy:

Soybean, which is a healthy alternative to meat, but it consists of a substance (Viuestrunr) competition for the male sex hormone, and lead to fertility problems. Also fried potato chips are prepared snacks to high temperatures, causing tissue damage and the body's cells, and thus hurt your health


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