seven Mixtures for whitening the body and take care of it

Madam everyone dreams of beautiful white skin but now the dream is easy to investigate these recipes with simple household

1 Mix the flour with the milk and lemon juice and turmeric and Grease by your body for half an hour.
2 Mix the flour with ground nuts, milk, lemon juice and put it on your skin for half an hour he Brightening wonderful for the skin.
3 Mix elderberry flower with milk or yogurt and put it on your skin for half an hour.
4 Mix elderberry flower with sandalwood powder and turmeric, milk and put it on your skin for half an hour.
5 Mix the flour with dried orange peel and ground and with generous milk and put them on your skin for 15 minutes and then Asilh for your skin in a circular motion.
6 Mix the egg whites with elderberry juice with half a lemon if your hair Java Replace eggs with a spoon of olive oil.
7 to remove excess hair from the face Mix the flour with water and put it on your skin until it dries and then get rid of it


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