Underarm whitening with lemon potatoes and honey

Considered the armpit of the sensitive areas in the body which is exposed to the darkening of the result of many factors, such as wearing tight clothes which clog the pores of the skin, and the lack of attention to personal hygiene, and the use of cheap deodorants, perfumes or spray large quantities instead of using deodorant.
Before we talk about how to get rid of the problem of darkening the armpit first have to stop the practice of those bad habits, then comes then treat the problem through creams Brightening medical or natural recipes that is a lemon, potatoes, honey guests essential where.


 Among the most famous natural recipes for the treatment of darkening armpits:

1) fresh lemon slices to lighten armpits

Ingredients: one lemon

Method: cut the lemon into thin slices and placed directly on the armpit, and leave for 15 minutes and then wash the area with warm water, and if you are a sensitive skin may cause lemon irritate the skin in the armpit area; so you should moisturize the area cream moisturizer after washing with water.

2) Lemon and talcum powder to get rid of darkening the armpit

Amount: The amount of fresh lemon juice + tablespoons powder that

Method: Mix lemon juice with talcum powder and the mixture is placed on the armpit area for 15 minutes, then removed and the mixture cleans the armpit with lukewarm water, and talcum powder is also considered one of the best ingredients that help skin-lightening fast. This recipe is suitable as well as to lighten the facial skin.

3) of potato chips to lighten

Ingredients: potato medium-sized

Method: cut potato slices and placed directly on the armpit area for 15 minutes, then wash the armpit area well with warm water, and can also use a potato juice after hit in a blender.

4) honey and yogurt to whiten underarms

Ingredients: one tablespoon honey + tablespoon milk Yogurt + lemon juice

Method: Mix the ingredients well earlier, and then placed on the armpit for 15 minutes, then wash the area well with warm water.

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