Wash the parsley and mint for oily skin

On different skin types, there is a need to types of intensive care and continuous. And is considered one of the most oily skin types follows need special attention to get rid of oils. 

if this type of skin you have to adopt the parsley and mint lotion for skin refreshing and smooth texture and moist at the same time.

Our choice for this Lye for oily skin because parsley contains a high proportion of volatile oils including; eucalyptus oil, which has the characteristics of trimming the pores of the skin. The mint goes Mounthol defined Basmath detergent and disinfectant and refreshing for oily skin.

The method of preparation of this lye are as follows:

  - mix Two tablespoons of fresh mint leaves and cut with half a cup of parsley, then add to it a cup of boiling water.

- Leave the leaves in water for an hour and then remove it full of water.

- Put the water in a clean bottle and put them in the bathroom for use in washing the skin three times a week and you'll notice the difference after his experience.


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