How to use the dates to lose weight

Tips "doctor" for fans of dates without fear of weight gain

It is known that dates contain high calories ... so afraid of many who seek graceful textures and those who are afraid of the weight gain that eating dates.

In addition to the health benefits of multiple dates owns several properties that can add a boost to the weight loss plan depending on how you use it.

We will explain to you in detail, but stay here

How do we  use  dates to lose weight ?
There are important factors in particular make eating dates moderately good addition to the weight loss system.
The first is the formation of dates rich in dietary fiber, 10 beads of dates contains about 6 grams of fiber which is important for healthy digestion.
The installation of the rich pass helps you feel full for a long time after eating.

The second method, which can pass that helps them in losing weight is by replacing sugary snacks, processed a few beads of dates. Eating dates can insatiable urge to eat sugar because of its strong sweet flavor comes from the natural sugars in dates.

The Dates are an excellent source of energy in addition to protein, all 10 beads of dates provides 2 grams of protein. Dates and fruits are packed with nutrients, including vitamin B, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium and potassium. In fact, dates contain more potassium than bananas, and Potassium is a mineral essential to the body's cells irregular work correctly.

It should be noted that while adding a moderate amount of dates to your diet can actually help with weight loss means the former, as well as providing essential nutrients for the body, it handled dates  just will not magically lead to healthy weight loss.

The decision to lose weight is to take a decision to change your lifestyle as a whole, by cutting out processed foods and unhealthy foods and stick to eating natural foods, and the reduction of carbohydrates and protein commitment moderate exercise. He dates to the previous steps and is considered an influential factor for the success of an effective weight loss plan

One last tip from the "doctor":
Keep the dates in the office next to you .... In the bedroom .... In the car, and whenever Harta need to eat some sugars  date instead of candy or chocolate cube.


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